5. May 2023

1st prize in the Chance Uetikon study competition

We are very pleased to have won another 1st prize in the “Chance Uetikon” study competition. The sculptural design of the buildings with risalits creates differentiated courtyard spaces and interrelated buildings with their own identities, addresses and good scalability. The structures and the plantings create different qualities of stay and situational privacy or openness and transparency and a varied environment. The longitudinal buildings along the Seestrasse provide noise protection and are also modulated and rhythmicised by outside bays. The differentiated structures also allow for the desired variety of flat types and sizes and last but not least, the risalites and oriels create good visual references to the lake, slope and courtyard spaces.


We are already looking forward to the next steps.

Rendering: maaars

6. April 2023

1st prize ewb-Areal Ausserholligen

Overall performance study contract for the development of the ewb-Areal Ausserholligen, Bern

We are very pleased to have won 1st prize in the overall performance study contract for the development of the ewb site Ausserholligen in Berne as part of the Halter team, ARGE E2A / Giuliani Hönger / pool Architekten with Studio Vulkan Landschaftsarchitektur.

The ewb site is located between the Weyermannshaus sports and leisure complex and Europaplatz. Today, the two landowners, ewb and BLS, use the site primarily for industrial purposes. In the future, a sustainable, lively and diversely mixed working and living environment will be created on the site, which is optimally accessible by public transport. As a permeable urban centre, it will connect the various sites of the cantonal development focus Ausserholligen.

In addition to the new ewb headquarters, the newly founded "Viadukt" cooperative will build around 220 cooperative flats with exchange and communal areas in two high-rise residential buildings.

Exhibition of competition projects:

The winning project and the other competition projects can be viewed at a public exhibition from 22.05.2023 - 26.05.2023 in the Forsthaus energy centre. Information will be published on the website ewb.ch/ausserholligen in due course.

Rendering: Filippo Bolognese Images

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29. March 2023

2nd prize in the study commission Kocherei Attisholz-areal

The former industrial quarter Attisholz in Solothurn is to be transformed over the next few years into an independent, lively quarter. Where cellulose was produced for more than 100 years in the past, people will now live and work. The conversion of the Kocherei building is the first important building block for the urban development of the area. A study commissioned by Halter AG called for a project with a diverse mix of uses such as housing, services, commerce and gastronomy. Our project proposal "Bernd, Hilla and Max" was awarded 2nd prize.

The urban design concept is based on a composition of different building blocks, whereby the Kocherei, as a historically valuable building, is integrated as a matter of course into the new complex, supplemented and topped up. The individual buildings are the “Kocherei”, the plinth, the block and the ashlar, which create a diverse range of spaces and flats. Excerpt from the jury report: "The contribution provides exciting and convincing answers on the most diverse levels. The authors succeed in responding to the site the site and its specific challenges in a targeted manner, reinforcing what already exists, generating something new and uniting the two worlds into a whole."

The seven project designs can be viewed from Thursday, 30 March 2023 at an exhibition on the site in the Eisenmagazin on Aareplatz.

Rendering: maaars

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