29. April 2021

Competition Campus Platztor St. Gallen, 8th prize

"GEMINI" was awarded 8th prize in the Campus Platztor project competition in St. Gallen.

Excerpt from the jury report:

"A building system is created that takes up the paths of the city and wants to continue them. This results in a very natural connection to the city, which is also reflected in the building heights and can react in a comparatively small-scale manner. At the same time, the ensemble shows a very plausible possibility of how the neighbourhood could develop further."

link to the jury report

15. April 2021

Exhibition Le Concours Suisse

Our project "Musikhaus Kraftzentrale vonRoll-Areal" will be shown as part of the exhibition Le Concours Suisse on the subject of "Swiss architectural competitions" from Wednesday 14 April in the Pavillon Sicli in Geneva. The travelling exhibition will then also be presented in Rio de Janeiro at the UIA 2021 RIO | 27º Congresso Mundial de Arquitetos.

14 – 28 April 2021 at the Pavillon Sicli in Geneva

17 July – 15 October 2021 in Rio de Janeiro



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11. February 2021

Pilatus Tower Kriens, start of flat marketing

The sales marketing of the condominiums in the Pilatus Tower is currently running. The taller of the two towers in the Pilatus Arena ensemble will be the highest building in the canton of Lucerne and will offer a wide range of flats with views of the city, lake and Pilatus. Information about the flats can be found at www.pilatustower.ch



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