Erweiterung Bahnhof Zürich Stadelhofen, Zurich, 2019—2035, Competition 1st Prize

Underground vaulted hall

A public spatial sequence runs from Stadelhoferplatz to the station building and via the existing passage to Platform 4, thereby combining with the midrisalit of the historical station building to restore its original importance. Breaking up pavilions by the station building create an attractive space for gastronomic uses and consolidate the urban-planning framing of Stadelhoferplatz.

The vaulted hall consisting of joined tunnels is inserted between Platform 4 and the preservation-listed passage, which is only slightly adapted to ensure respectful coexistence. The mining-type construction of the vaulted hall ensures that the urban surroundings will only experience minimal disruptions during the building measures.

The construction and materialisation are directly derived from the supporting structure and the production conditions. The core form remains visible as the spatially definitive element. The materials of the preservation-listed passage, namely fair-faced concrete, natural stone and glass blocks, are reused in a modified form for the new measures.

Reference image: K. Yakovlev, V. Polikarpova, V. Andreev, Metro Station Sokol Moskau 1938


Bahnhof Stadelhofen, 8001 Zurich


SBB Infrastruktur


Extension infrastructure


Competition 2019, 1st Prize

Planning period





Patric Barben, Heghine Berkowitsch, Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Georgios Kaldis, Kristina Mueller, Elizabeth Müller, Elena Sciutto, Christian Senn, Florian Senn, Julia Tary, Maria Unceta, Ignacio Zabalo