Wohnhaus Surber Burri, Regensberg, 2019—2021, Direct

Raumplan in the archetype

In the medieval town, which is under a preservation order, the new replacement building between the firewalls of its neighbours traces the profile of the existing buildings. The northern part is transformed into a wooden living room for the owners with a terrace above.

The central daytime areas of the owners’ large apartment and of the two smaller rented apartments are arranged above each other. Organised as a Raumplan, they penetrate the building from north to south. The bedrooms, bathrooms and service spaces flank on either side and have normal room heights.

The building shell is made as a self-supporting, insulated timber construction which, much like the rendered frame buildings found locally, expresses the internal layout of spaces externally. The surfaces of the concrete, masonry or timber walls in the interior are whitewashed.

Reference image: Maison Tristan Tzara, La vie et I’oeuvre de Adolf Loos, Residenz Verlag 1982

Reference image: Hilla & Bernd Becher, Collection of contemporary photographs 2005

Ground floor plan

Floor plan 1st upper floor

Floor plan 2nd upper floor


8158 Regensberg





Planning period



best architects 23


David Willen


Patric Barben, Pedro Cardoso, Lorenzo Giuliani, Agnieszka Gronek, Christian Hönger, Arben Murtezi, Timothy Shah, Christine Wöhner, Ralf Zwahlen